Dr. Ross Robertson

Dr. Ross Robertson

Dr. Ross Robertson

Shorefishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific

Contact Information

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Box 0843-03092
Balboa, Ancon, Republic of Panama


Unit 0948
APO AA 34002-0948, USA

Telephone: +507 212-8704
FAX: +507 212 8714 /8790/8791
e-mail: drr@stri.org

BSc University of Queensland, Australia 1966
PhD University of Queensland, 1974

Current Research

  1. Preparation of electronic guides and databases  on  the identification, biology, and zoogeography of the Shorefishes of the Neotropics (the Tropical Eastern Pacific and the Greater Caribbean).
  2. Geographic variation in the demography of tropical reef fishes in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific.
  3. The biogeography of the shorefishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific – relations to other regions, faunal structure, geographic patterns of diversity.
  4. The molecular historical biogeography of pantropical reef-fish genera, with particular reference to the origins and relationships of neotropical species.
  5. Assessing the effects of the rise of the isthmus of Panama on the life history characteristics of reef-fishes.

Online Information System

Robertson DR, Allen GR. 2008. Shorefishes of the tropical Eastern Pacific online information system. ; www.stri.si.edu/sftep