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Dear members of the STRI community,

This message serves to inform you of a recent increase in crimes and other security-related incidents, to provide some information on steps taken by STRI, and to ask you for your cooperation with increased vigilance.

There has been a recent increase in low-level crimes in Panama, acts such as break-ins to homes and apartments, and muggings and assaults in public areas, including urban areas, beaches and national parks.

Locally there have been cases of street muggings of STRI visitors near the entrance to the Tupper complex facing Avenida de los Martires, near the apartments below the CTPA Ancon building, and in Bocas del Toro. These have occurred both in the early evening and broad daylight. Unrelated to STRI we have learned of additional muggings and home burglaries in the Quarry Heights area of Ancon.v

In Gamboa there have been a series of break-ins with criminals entering locked and unlocked homes, including one case where the occupants were below the house at the time.

STRI officials have been in contact with the Panamanian police authorities and other governmental officials, and there will be increased police presence in Gamboa. In addition, we have stationed a security guard at the Ancon dormitory ( La Jaula) on night shift.

As we explore additional options, we strongly recommend increased awareness and vigilance on the part of the members of the STRI community. Common-sense measures include pay close attention to your surroundings, walk in groups and avoid walking alone especially at night, do not carry large sums of cash or display expensive cameras and electronic goods, and lock the doors of your residence and vehicles.

There are various personal security apps for smart phones that range from a panic-button alarm to one that sends out an SOS. Some of these are listed at this site, or, though we note the disclaimer that none have been tested nor are officially approved by the Smithsonian.

Please be vigilant at all times and help everyone in our STRI community to be as careful as possible.

Matt Larsen
5 de mayo de 2016