Tupper-Tivoli Complex

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In addition to the security information on Panama in general and STRI's security and safety policies, the following specifics apply to Tupper-Tivoli Complex.

The Tupper-Tivoli Complex is the headquarters of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute located in Panama City. It includes the Tupper Research Center, the Library, the Tivoli Administrative Building, a Conference Center, a bookstore and a cafeteria. Adjacent to the main buildings is the Pastor's House (maintenance and design groups) and the Logistical Support Center (Maintenance Shop and Traffic Department).

The complex is located between Luis Felipe Clement and Roosevelt Avenues. The main entrance to the complex is from Luis Felipe Clement Avenue and is controlled by security guards at the main guard booth. Entrance through this gate is allowed 24 hours a day. There is an additional pedestrian entrance at Roosevelt Avenue which is mainly used for employees and people who visit the Library, the cafeteria, the bookstore or attend special events. This entrance is opened from 7am to 6pm.

The facilities are located close to areas such as Curundu, San Miguel and Santana where there exit security risks and pedestrian should avoid them as much as possible.

The Complex is at walking distance to other STRI facilities such as the Center for Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology (CTPA) and the Ancon Dormitory facilities; however, caution should be exercised when walking to and from these facilities because assaults and robberies have been reported in the area.

The Safety Office is located at the basement of the Tivoli building (SAFESTRI@si.edu) . The Visitors Services Office (STRIRegistration@si.edu) where visitors must register upon arrival and the Security Office (STRI-SECURITY@si.edu) are both located at the Tupper Building level 100. All visitors must obtain a STRI ID at the Security Office after registering. This ID must be visibly worn while within all STRI facilities and they also serve as electronic proximity keys to access authorized locations.

Security at the Complex is carried out by a contract security guard force. All emergency communications and notifications are received at the main security booth by calling 212-8911 or 212-8211 where the guards will activate the STRI Emergency Response Plan.

The guards are also assigned the duties of checking out and issuing keys to official vehicles when assigned to researches. They will also check in the vehicles upon their return.

Security guards could ask to see your STRI ID. Expired IDs will be retained. When directed by the Security Office, the guards could check vehicles and also ask any person to show the contents of bags, boxes or similar items.

Additional Security and Safety Information for the Complex

  • Drinking water - Water at the Complex is safe to drink at water coolers and the Corotú Cafeteria. Panama City tap water is generally safety to drink. However, there have been occasions when weather-related conditions have negatively affected its quality. Therefore, consuming bottled water is the safest alternative when in doubt.
  • Medical professionals and facilities - In general, hospitals and medical personnel in Panama City provide prompt and adequate services. Usually you can see a general doctor by going to any emergency room or private hospital clinic. Furthermore, obtaining an appointment with a specialist can be arranged within 2 days. Medical facilities outside Panama City are limited.

Emergency Information

  • STRI Headquarters Security Guard Booth 212-8911/212-8211
    (from Bocas Station phones dial 28911 or 28211)
  • Incident Commanders
  • Meeting Places - Outdoor areas to retreat to in emergencies
    • Primary meeting place: Visitor's parking next to main guard booth
    • Secondary meeting place (to be used if the primary meeting place is affected by the emergency): Green area across from General Services Building
  • Areas of Refuge - Indoor areas to use in case of external threats
    • Internal hallways away from windows
    • Tupper Auditorium
    • Tivoli Basement
  • Tsunami Evacuation Areas
    • CTPA and Ancon Hill
    • Any nearby hill or mountain
    • Other safer high place
  • Portable Defibrillation Machine
    • Tupper Reception
    • Security Office

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