Yves Basset

Yves Basset

Yves Basset

Yves Basset

Scientific coordinator, CTFS Arthropod Initiative
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama.
Apartado 0843-03092
Balboa, Ancon
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Tel. +507 212 8233
Fax +507 212 8148
Email: bassety@si.edu

Research at STRI

Research Interests

Insect-plant interactions and herbivory in the tropics; biodiversity and host-specificity of insect herbivores; insect spatial and temporal distribution; community structure and taxonomy of arboreal arthropods; tropical forest canopies; community ecology; parataxonomist training; arthropod conservation.

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In the field

Climbing trees in Panama, project IBISCA (2003)

Working with parataxonomists in Gabon (2001)

Work with the San Lorenzo canopy crane, Panama (1999)

On the Canopy Raft in Gabon (1999)

Forest on white sands, Camoudi, Guyana (1996)

Quality control of parataxonomist work, Papua New Guinea (1994)

Fogging trees in Papua New Guinea (1992)