Organic Phosphorus 2013 - Integration across ecosystems

Organic Phosphorus 2013


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Integration across ecosystems

Welcome to Panama for Organic Phosphorus 2013!
The workshop will examine advances in our understanding of organic phosphorus in the environment in the decade since the first meeting in Ascona, Switzerland, in 2003. By bringing together a small but multidisciplinary group of scientists with a common interest in organic phosphorus cycling, we hope to examine the topic to a depth not normally possible at a large conference. The aim is to integrate information across ecosystems, from terrestrial to aquatic, tropical to polar, and deserts to rainforests.

Key topics will include:

The provisional plan is to begin with two days of oral presentations at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s headquarters and conference center in Panama City, followed by two days of field trips and workshop discussion at STRI’s Barro Colorado Island field research station. The BCI station is located in the most studied area of tropical rain forest on the planet and offers a relaxed setting for detailed debate and discussion of key topics.

There will be abundant opportunities before and after the workshop for visits to other research sites in the area, including montane and lowland forests and marine stations on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. In addition, delegates will be able to enjoy Panama’s world class tourist attractions, including tropical beaches, national parks, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The output of the conference will be in the form of a special issue in a multidisciplinary journal. This will include workshop synthesis articles as well as original research papers, and we invite delegates to consider submitting manuscripts on any aspect of organic phosphorus in the environment.

Please email to indicate your interest and to receive further updates on the workshop.